Ladybug Interactive Bridal Planner

At Ladybug, we take the confusion out of selecting bridal flowers by focusing, first and foremost, on the occasion's most important floral element: your bouquet.

Once you've determined the shape, size and colour of your bouquet, our expert designers will create beautiful boutonnieres, corsages, centrepieces and other arrangements to match your preferred style perfectly.

Follow the steps below to start designing your wedding flowers and to see an estimated price for your entire package.

The Bride's Bouquet

This is the star of the show, the piece that sets the tone for all the other flower arrangements at your wedding. To help us create your ideal bouquet, just answer the following simple questions.

1. What type of bouquet did you have in mind?




2. Do you want your bouquet monochromatic? How colourful do you want your bouquet?

All one colour


Really mixed

3. Do you like all one flower or a mix of flowers?

All one flower

A bit of a mix

All mixed

4. Do you like accent greens in between the blooms or around as a collar?

No greens

Between the blooms

Around as a collar

5. How big would you like it to be?

Small - the size of a grapefruit

Medium - size of canteloupe

Large - size of a honeydew


6. Would you like a ribbon?

     Yes please

     No ribbon

The Groom's Boutonniere

The groom’s boutonniere coordinates with the bridal bouquet. The big decision here is size.

7. How big would you like your groom's boutonniere to be?




Wedding Party Flowers

8. How many bridesmaids are there?     

9. How many groomsmen are there?     

10. How many additional boutonnieres do you need?     

11. How many corsages do you need?     

12. What type of corsage would you like?



13. How many flower girls?     

14. How many ring bearers?     

Table Arrangements

15. How many tables?    

16. What style and size?

    Plants  -  These make great inexpensive table center-pieces!

     Vase arrangements come in all shapes and sizes and styles.
     What size did you have in mind?

    Small vases

    Medium vases

Large vases

   Over the top

Additional Pieces

How many of each of the following would you like?

17. Head table arrangements?    

18. Cake decorations?    

19. Flowers for the bar / special tables?    

20. Church pieces?    

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